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Street Confetti

I have so enjoyed my sessions with Michelle.  She has found a wonderful way of empowering me to look inward to find the answers that I have been searching for in the outside world—allowing me to take a big step back and see things from a new perspective.  I am excited to continue our work together.


During my sessions with Michelle, I was able to define my goals and how to make them a reality in practical ways. By the time we finished, I always felt as though I was a step closer to achieving them and a lot less overwhelmed by the process. Best of all, I felt mentally empowered to make changes. Michelle did a great job in supporting my growth and helping me tackle any obstacles holding me back from making progress.


Michelle is a wonderful coach!  I am very appreciative of the safe space that Michelle gave me to explore my feelings of inadequacy and feeling like I didn’t know myself.  I have gained confidence, clarity and motivation to show myself for who I am as a result of working with Michelle.  Michelle always acknowledged the tools/systems that I had in place that were helpful in my journey forward.  I have grown so much through our sessions together.  Thanks for everything Michelle!


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